The American Alcoholic

Alcohol destroys lives, families and careers. It kills, paralyzes and maims. According to the latest government statistics, there are more than twenty million Americans addicted to alcohol. But as usual, the government’s statistics are in conflict with the figures provided by independent research groups. They claim the number is closer to forty million. Regardless of

Keret’s Memoir – Beauty and Terror of Life in Israel

Writer Etgar Keret gave an engaging, poignant and funny interview recently on National Public Radio as he discussed his new memoir, “The Seven Good Years,” telling of the joys and terrors of daily life in Israel as he has lived it. A critically acclaimed author of six short story collections, Keret spoke frankly with Terry

10 Low-Sugar Fruit Choices – Healthy Summer

Summer is the best season to bite into fresh fruit from the market, but not all fruits are created equal. While grapefruit really is a healthy wonder food for dieting and getting vitamins, one mango contains 21 grams of sugar—and most are tainted by GMOs. Substituting a diet of fruit and vegetables for one loaded

Living History

Dressing up in costume is something we all did as children. Whether it was little girls playing dress up, boys wearing their father’s uniforms, or waiting for that national holiday known as Halloween, we really enjoyed wearing costumes. Anything odd, comical, or totally inappropriate worked. Even today, we can dress as Superman, a French maid,

“Je Suis Charlie” Bolsters the Ranks of ISIS

Pardon my French: fuck “Je Suis Charlie”.  The social media hordes can save their pitchfork rattling until the end of the article, as I will demonstrate the harmful consequences of giving a blank check to the discrimination, marginalization, and persecution of religious and ethnic minorities.  In no way do I attempt to minimalize the loss

Cosmic at Comicon

What convinces adults to dress up like it’s Halloween, shell out a small fortune to see others similarly dressed, and is one of the most fun things to do with any type of clothes on? It’s time for Comicon! In 1970, a group of comic book connoisseurs from San Diego decided to hold a comic

Has Freedom Lost It’s Meaning?

“True freedom is experienced when we choose to take responsibility for those things that we need to do to release us from the chains of our own comforts and limitations. It’s not doing whatever we want, but doing whatever we need to do that breaks the chains and sets us free.” Karen Berg  When we are

Traitor for the Righties, Zionist pig for the lefties

I’m generally a very open minded person – I never label and judge people by their race, religion, or sexual preference, and by definition that makes me liberal. In the same time, I’m not getting into shading Israel as the one responsible power, causing all the suffering and pain of the Palestinians. I believe there’s

The Art of DNA

All living things on Earth have one thing in common. They all have DNA. What is DNA? I’ve always struggled with this question, never quite grasping the answer. What I am able to interpret is that DNA is made up of a mix of amino acids called adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. And the mix

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