Intro to Happiness 101

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have worked in the mental health field more than 15 years. If you search “mental health” on the internet you will get thousands of references to pages on the treatment of mental illness. If you find yourself overwhelmed and go to a treatment facility, you are highly

VA Hospitals under Siege: We have met the Enemy and Its Name is Koch.

The Koch Brothers have mobilized another attack on an institution they have no business going after. And this time it’s the Veterans Administration healthcare system. Koch adherents Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Jeff Miller have introduced bills that will not only ruin the progress made in the past year by the VA, but could also

‘The Lion’s Gate’ Brings Six Day War To Life

For those of us unfamiliar with the Six Day War—meaning almost any Gentile or non-history major who was born in America after 1960—the hybrid nonfiction/fiction book, “The Lion’s Gate” provides a window into the events as they happened, told with the raw emotions of participants who faced incredible odds. Steven Pressfield, author of the novel

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