So many people have been sold on the dream of being an affiliate marketer, sitting at home, working only a few hours a day and raking in 6 figures a month. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but those days are long gone. Today, being an affiliate marketer is hard work and in some niches, it is dominated by many big organizations. But, not to squash your dreams, let’s take a look at some of the facts of being an affiliate and specifically, making money as an Amazon affiliate.

Can You Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate?

There is no doubt whether you are a complete newbie to affiliate marketing or a seasoned professional, at some point, you will take a look at the Amazon affiliate program, more correctly known as Amazon Associates. The fact is, Amazon is an Internet giant and you only need to capture a tiny fraction of a percent of the pie to make money as an Amazon affiliate (Amazon Associate).

The short answer to the question: Can you make money as an Amazon affiliate is YES. The long answer is a little more complicated. There are many people who make money being an Amazon affiliate and searching around the Internet you will find many stories of success and failure. Why some succeed and others fail can be for various reasons. Below, we review a few key things to consider that will put you on the path to success to making money with Amazon.

build a website

Build it and they will come…

The days of building yourself a quick website and within days, you have thousands of visitors and are raking in the cash, is something of the past and a dream. The Internet is a competitive place, really competitive and probably the biggest factor to achieving success is marketing. Whether you choose to focus your marketing efforts on SEO, buying traffic, email or social media marketing, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to get people to your site.

If your preferred method of getting traffic is SEO, that’s great, but you need to be aware that you are going to need a very clear strategy.  Trying to optimize your shiny new website for multiple niches is probably not going to work. The approach that many SEO affiliate marketers take when it comes to being an Amazon affiliate is to build niche sites. They select a particular product or product niche and focus on that. There is obviously only so much you can write about 1 specific product, so niche sites include things like product reviews (proven to produce good results), product comparisons, how-to guides and more.  You also need to bear in mind that you are going to need a lot of traffic in order to start making money because conversion rates for some niches can be extremely low, so volume, volume, volume is essential!

If you are into other types of paid marketing methods, then you have certain advantages over the SEO guys. Firstly, buying traffic lets you almost instantly start getting traffic to your site, but with paid traffic, there are many factors to consider and with the vast amount of media networks out there, you are going to need a big budget to find out which work and which don’t. Unlike SEO, where if you have selected the wrong keywords or niche, and it takes months to know if it’s working, paid traffic can be switched on and off very quickly and altered in minutes as opposed to months.

amazon affiliate marketing

Conversion is king…

So, assuming you have your new niche site built, loaded with content, inserted all your affiliate links (all tested – of course) and you are now ready to make sales and start making money with Amazon, it’s now time to focus on conversion. You’re building your business to make money and that comes from conversions. All too often, webmasters love to gloat that they are ranking #1 on Google, or they have millions of followers on Facebook, Twitter, etc. but who cares, the real questions are: “Are you converting? Are you making money?”.

Now the hard work comes into play and that is the conversion optimization process and getting sales. The only true way to achieve greatness and to make money as an Amazon affiliate is to be optimizing your site constantly to achieve higher CTR (click through rates) and getting the sale. Things like layout, CTA (call to action) wording, button colors, CTA colors, etc. are crucial. Amazon themselves have spent millions of dollars testing and refining their site to achieve optimal conversion rates and your site needs to be perfectly optimize too.

You need to ask yourself, is it clear to visitors where they need to click and how they can make a purchase. A big mistake that many Amazon affiliates make is only putting buttons and banners on their sites, but a proven technique that produces results is text-linking every mention of the product in your text to Amazon (with your affiliate link) and linking all your images with your affiliate links. You need clicks, and you need your visitors to get to the Amazon website. Also, just because something is working well, doesn’t mean it can’t perform better. Bear in mind, that the smallest percentage change in CTR can have a dramatic effect on actual sales and your commission.

amazon associates terms

Play by the rules…

Being a successful Amazon affiliate means you need to play by Amazon’s rules. Their Associate program’s terms and conditions clearly state what you can and cannot do, so taking the time to read the rules and following them is essential. It may seem tempting to bend the rules and push the boundaries of your marketing efforts, but using black-hat tactics can be extremely risky and many Amazon associates have had their accounts blocked and forfeited their commissions. The last thing you want is to spend months or years building and optimizing and finally have thousands of dollars of commission due to you, only to have your account banned because you decided to SPAM an old email list (affiliate linking direct to Amazon from emails is not allowed) or stating the prices of products in your text or even trying to use reviews from Amazon on your site. There are many things that might seem tempting to do, but Amazon are known not to tolerate dodgy stuff, so keep it clean.

Making the big bucks…

We’ve really only scratched the surface in this article about making money being an Amazon affiliate, but the bottom line is there is big money to be made and developing a clear structured plan is the key to success. There are many articles and even books about being an Amazon associate, so take the time to educate yourself and learn from others. But one thing is clear, you will need to put in the time and effort to achieve greatness and become the next Amazon Super Affiliate.

Good Luck!