The iPhone has become a fixture for so many people around the globe: more than 100 million in the United States currently report owning an iPhone, and in the last decade more than 1.5 billion iPhones have been sold to consumers around the globe. Along with those iPhones comes a host of amazing accessories that can enhance or amplify the already enticing array of features that the iPhone can offer.

So many such accessories can be found on the market today – particularly online ecommerce megahubs like Amazon – that it can be difficult to find the right one to “upgrade” your iPhone experience. In this article,  we shop around Amazon to share some of the best iPhone accessories available under $75. From scintillating speaker sound to cutting-edge camera kits, this list offers a varied selection that is sure to lead you to your next favorite iPhone add-on.

Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker

Tile Pro 2020 2 Pack - $59.99

While Tile Pro works with any smartphone, it is undoubtedly a must-have for iPhone users who have ever asked, “hey, have you seen my phone?” A pint-sized Bluetooth tracker in a stylish shell, the Tile Pro can be counted as a  best iPhone accessory because it can help you find any lost item – including that painfully slender iPhone – within a 400-foot radius. If you surpass that range there is no need to fret: you can use the signals of other Tile owners to help find your device.


  • Replaceable battery
  • Can be used between devices/keys
  • Audible alarm


  • More fobs, more cost to you
  • Max 400-foot range

Check out Tile Pro 2020 here.

Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen Slim Armor CS for iPhone

For those who want an iPhone case that cuts back on bulk but still makes space to store cards, the Spigen Slim Armor case is one of the best iPhone accessories to seek out. The frame of the case is built using air cushion technology and a TPU interior that is shock-absorbing to safeguard your phone while offering a remarkably light yet durable polycarbonate exterior.


  • Slimmer design that some wallets
  • Designed specifically with the Apple iPhone XR Case in mind
  • Discreet storage of cards


  • Exterior slot holds only 2 cards

Check out Spigen Slim Armor here.

Otterbox Symmetry Series

Otterbox Symmetry Series iPhone Case - $49.54

The durable case to surpass all cases, the Otterbox Symmetry iPhone case offers one of the best safeguards against cracked screens when you drop your phone. Slim and lightweight, Otterbox covers hug your phone like a second skin to save you from extra bulk in your pocket or your bag. Otterbox products have become renowned for their durability, so for the ambitious traveler or outdoor adventurer this Symmetry Series case is assuredly a best iPhone accessory.


  • Fits the newest iPhone 11 Pro and Max models
  • Comes in a wide range of colors


  • Fits the newest iPhone 11 Pro and Max models
  • Comes in a wide range of colors

Check out the Otterbox Symmetry Serious here.

Anker PowerWave

Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger - $45.99

How many times have we waited through the excruciatingly long minutes for our phones to charge? The best iPhone accessories available today fortunately mean waiting no more. This Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger, for example, is capable of charging your iPhone with remarkable speed and provides Apple-specific power to make for the optimum in charging convenience. It comes with the Qualcomm Quick Charge adapter as well so that once it arrives you can start charging.


  • Has a built-in cooling fan
  • Allows you to see charging status


  • Only has a microUSB

Check out the Anker PowerWave here.

Alto Braided

Alto Braided Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable

When you need super-fast charging speeds infused with some essential style, then a best iPhone accessory for you might be the alto Braided Apple MFI lightning cable. The oxygen-free copper wire core means dramatically reduced charging times, and the sophisticated casing – cotton braiding with accents such as leather or hickory word, make this one of the most distinctive lightning cables on the market great for gifting or unique tastes.


  • Aesthetically attractive design
  • Uses the Apple certified MFI original chip


  • One meter (35 centimeter) length might be too short for some
  • One of the most expensive lightning cables to buy

Check out the Alto Braided here.

VICSEED Ring Holder

VICSEED Phone Zinc Porcelain Ring Holder

Getting a good grip on our phones for photos and viewing has resulted in one of the best iPhone accessories becoming the ring holder that attaches to the back of your phone or phone case. The VICSEED zinc and porcelain ring holder is one of the more elegant such ring holders available: made of a combination of porcelain and zinc, this alluring little holder adds a touch of class to an otherwise utilitarian accessory. Beyond beauty, VICSEED’s ring holder is incredibly durable and also features the ability to swivel so you can switch easily between selfies and screen viewing.


  • Adhesive forms strong bond with phone or case
  • Works with most iPhone models


  • Ring will need to be adhered to phone or case
  • Eliminates chance your phone will glide smoothly into your pocket

Check out the Zinc Ring holder here.

HUSSELL Air Vent iPhone Accessory

HUSSELL Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount

Whether you are using your iPhone for directions or you want to take advantage of hands-free functionalities, another best iPhone accessory is a sturdy phone mount. This HUSSELL magnetic air vent car phone mount is a fantastic option that latches to your air vent so that you don’t have to mount a separate armature to your dash. The magnetic pull is strong but not so strong that you cannot detach your phone with one hand, and the mount is compatible with any smartphone.


  • Four strong magnets ensure an enduring grip
  • Rotary mount means you can adjust the position of your phone to reduce glare and support safe driving


  • Might block airflow from car vent

Check out the Hussell Magentic Air Vent here.

ZVEproof Universal Apple Accessories Stand

ZVEproof 2 in 1 Universal Desktop Cellphone and Apple Watch Stand

So many Apple devices, but so little spaces to charge them? Charge your phone and store two devices at once with this best iPhone accessory: the ZVEproof 2 in 1 Universal Desktop Cellphone and Apple Watch Stand. This handy stand is compatible with many types of smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets and is sturdy yet refined to make for a fitting addition anywhere from your desk to your dresser. You can also use the phone charger stand as a platform from which to read or watch movies.


  • Made of durable yet lightweight aluminum
  • Comes with anti-scratch rubber pads to prevent scratching/slipping


  • Does not charge smartwatches
  • Won’t suit all styles/tastes

Check out the ZVEproof iphone dock here.

WAITIEE Wireless Apple Accessories Charge

WAITIEE Wireless Charger 3 in 1 Qi-Certified 15W Fast Charging Station - $59.99

So many Apple devices, but so little spaces to charge them? Charge your phone along with your smartwatch and AirPods with this best iPhone accessory: the WAITIEE Wireless Charger 3 in 1 Qi-Certified 15W Fast Charging Station. This handy stand is compatible with many types of smartphones, smartwatches, as well as your AirPods and is sturdy yet refined to make for a fitting addition anywhere from your desk to your dresser.  


  • Made of durable yet lightweight aluminum
  • Comes with anti-slip silicone base to prevent slipping and flipping


  • Requires separate adapter when charging all three devices at once ·  Issues noted with charger overheating

Check out the WAITIEE Wirless iPhone charger here.

Hercules Tough Charging Station for Multiple Devices

Hercules Tough Charging Station for Multiple Devices

When it’s not just your iPhone that needs charging, the best iPhone accessory to seek out is a dock that allows you to charge multiple devices at once. Enter the Hercules Tough Charging Station, which includes the capacity to charge up to six devices at once. Four Apple lightning cables, one type-C cable, and a microUSB cable also come with the dock so that you can plug and charge as soon as it arrives. The sleek design also means that your devices can stay organized and easy to access.


  • Comes in different colors
  • Compatible with most smartphones and tablets


  • Consumes valuable desk or table space
  • Might require additional cable purchases depending on your devices

Check out the Hercules Charging Station here.

HooToo Flash Drive

HooToo Flash Drive - $38.99

With the price of each new edition of the iPhone only going upward, one of the ways savvy shoppers save some of their investment is to skip large built-in storage options and instead supplement their space with a flash drive. The HooToo Flash Drive makes for one of the best iPhone accessories because it can add up to 256 GB of memory on a compact drive that can transfer files to and from your phone in a flash. Don’t skip those photos; save them on your HooToo!


  • Storage is MFI-certified
  • Includes Touch ID encryption and password to maintain security


  • Not the most user-friendly interface for file transfer
  • Some software issues reported with system upgrades

Check out the HooToo drive here.

Ztylus Revolver iPhone Camera Kit

Ztylus Designer Revolver M Series Camera Kit

Take your iPhone photography to a new level with this affordable yet adaptable Ztylus camera kit. A combination of quality lens that can be easily switched for the best photo makes this kit a real winner. Set up is a breeze thanks to its speedy magnetic attachment, and the QuickFlip technology means that the lens can adjust into place at just the right moment to catch that timeless photo.


  • Lightweight design
  • Provides full phone coverage with access to all buttons
  • Maximizes frame potential with options like fish-eye and wide-angle lenses


  • Kit compatible with iPhone X/XR (other Ztylus kits are available)

Check out the Ztylus Revolver here.

JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker - $39.95

For those times when the audio quality of your iPhone alone just won’t cut it, the best iPhone accessory to keep on hand is a quality portable speaker. JBL is a brand synonymous with exceptional speakers, and their GO2 Waterproof Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker upholds that tradition. It features wireless Bluetooth streaming and up to five hours of play on a single charge. Waterproof as well, this speaker makes for a great beachside companion.


  • Also includes speakerphone feature
  • Built with audio cable input
  • Offered in several colors


  • Bluetooth connection can be spotty

Check out the JBL speaker here.

Autbye Gameboy accessory for iPhone

Autbye Gameboy Case for iPhone

For the die-hard gamer out there, one of the best iPhone accessories is a case that adds another layer of play. One of the most fun in this category – and that is sure to bring on the nostalgia for retro 90s video games – is the Autbye Gameboy Case for iPhone. Stocked with more than 30 classic games that are actually playable, this case is sure to be a welcome diversion and to garner a rosy look from passersby. Up to five hours of play is possible on one charge.


  • Great diversion (if your iPhone apps won’t cut it)


  • Only fits up to the iPhone 8 Plus

Check out the Gameboy Case here.

It’s Always Good to Accessorize

These best iPhone accessories are only a sliver of the variety of options available for iPhone users and come in at widely different price points (while all adhering to the under-$75 bar), but what they help to showcase is the many ways that you can customize your experience with the iPhone to what matters most to you. The technological advancements wrapped up in an iPhone’s design mean it is truly so much more than a phone, so hopefully some of these fun and functional best iPhone accessories can help you make your iPhone all your own.